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View a real-time snapshot of your property and rental details


View property details

See a real-time snapshot of your property and rental details including move in and move out dates, lease agreement from and to dates and the current financial status for all your properties including money in, money out and bills outstanding.

Track financial activity

Monitor all your financial activity from the Owner Access homepage or drill in by clicking on “more details”. Here, you can view financial activity for all or one property, see a breakdown of expenses and even set a particular date range.

See outstanding jobs

Check on the status of any outstanding Jobs to see when it was reported, who the assigned supplier is and any attached images and bills.

Drill into inspection reports

Experience the peace of mind of knowing that your properties are in good hands with detailed Inspection Reports. Drill into Inspection Reports to see images, comments and any follow-up actions.

Download documents anytime

You can easily view or download historical statements, attached bills and general scanned documents. Simply click on any of the documents for an in-depth look along with printing and download options.